September Annuals

Annual Plant of the Month- Cool Season Annuals
We usually fill our pots and flower beds with Pansies, Mums or ornamental Cabbage and Kale when the weather turns cooler. But why not consider cool season annuals for fall color. Some annuals thrive in the shorter days and cooler nights of fall.

Try Alyssum, Snapdragons, Dianthus, Dusty Miller and Petunias in some combination with hardy trailing Ivy in a large container for a real show until the weather really turns cold. Don't be afraid to mix some of these in with your Pansies, Violas or ornamental Cabbage and Kale to extend the range of color and texture.

Container Color
If you're planning on planting some Pansies and Violas, or Cabbage and Kale in containers this fall for some late color to carry you into the winter, why not include some bulbs in those same containers. Try planting some Tulips in a container first and then plant your Pansies or Cabbage on top of them. This gives the container more interest and more color in the spring. Cabbage and Kale will not last until spring but the Tulips will come up and reward you with color. Pansies and Violas will most likely survive the winter and the Tulips will come up and bloom with them in spring. Since most Tulips bloom only one year, these bulbs should be discarded after flowering.
This method can work with Crocus or Daffodils also, and after flowering these bulbs can then be transplanted to a spot in the garden. In order to enjoy flowering bulbs in the spring we have to think about them in the fall, so include your containers in the thought process and you'll be rewarded in the spring.