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Our lifestyle boutique Tinge brings garden style indoors, with a vast selection
of furniture, candles, wreaths, jewelry, quilts, terrariums, custom arrangements,
containers, fountains and one-of-a-kind-items.

Why did we name our boutique Tinge? Check out these definitions- it defines
how we want to inspire our customers shopping for home décor and gifts.
1. To apply a trace of color to; tint.
2. To affect slightly, as with a contrasting quality:
    "The air was blowy and tinged with rain" (Joyce Carol
3. To impart a slight trace to: her thoughts were tinged
    with nostalgia.

So, there you have it, we hope that you enjoy your shopping experience when you
adventure indoors at American Plant. I promise you it is a treat for all your senses,
you will feel as if you arose from some external creative impulse.

American Plant is best known for their superior products as a Garden Center.
The Landscape Design|Build Division offers experienced, personalized design
and building services that transform even a difficult space into paradise. Our
customers look forward to spending time with our friendly and knowledgeable
sales staff. We continue to grow by creating a home décor boutique that
is like no other.

Come in to Tinge and experience it for yourself.