Spring Perennials

Helleborus 'Gold Collection'
Hellebores have always been a welcome harbinger of spring with their abundant early blossoms and lush new growth. Hellebores are valued for characteristics found in few other perennials. This new Hellebore collection is now available in some quantities and currently in stock. Propagated vegetatively, not from seed, the forward facing upright blossoms are displayed in a range of colors. In bloom now, not bothered by deer and shade loving Hellebores have always deserved space in the garden. The 'Gold Collection' captures the best qualities of the Hellebores and should be part of your garden this year.

Dicentra spectabilis 'Gold Heart' Perennial Gold Leaf Bleeding Heart
Gold leaf plants often have a hard time "fitting in" the garden. But this is one plant that deserves a spot. This time of year when plants are just peeking out gives this tough perennial a chance to stand out even more. The fast growing leaves of 'Gold Heart', lit by low angle early morning or late evening sun seem to be lit from within and will surely brighten up any area in your garden. Then, enjoy the color contrast as the dark pink flowers develop on long stems held well above the golden color of the foliage. This combination is hard to describe but not soon forgotten. To delay summer dormancy, keep this shade loving plant well watered during dry spells. Rarely bothered by deer, this unusually colored perennial is a break from conventional Bleeding Hearts and can add a new dimension to your garden.