Gardening Tips

American Plant is a dynamic, family owned, independent garden center with deep roots in our community since 1923. Over the years our goals have evolved into a commitment to promote EarthWise gardening through our staff, customers and community for the health of our environment for future generations.

EarthWise gardening means adopting sound gardening practices so plants can flourish naturally, without reliance on chemical pesticides. The use of chemical products in our gardens over the years has destroyed most of the beneficial microorganisms, reducing organic matter and creating compact, infertile soils. Gardens dependent on the use of chemical are more likely to suffer from insects, disease and drought conditions.

We’ve worked hard to educate our staff and customers about the benefits of EarthWise gardening – sound horticultural practices that reduce the need for pesticides. Our commitment to our staff, our customers and our environment is as strong today as we continue to search for organic and alternative solutions to gardening problems.