What to do Now

garden spring cleaning November Gardening Tips

Late fall and winter are a difficult time for houseplants. The reduced light and humidity can take their toll this time of year. Locate your plants where they will receive the most light and mist them daily or place them on humidity trays. Your plants will also need less water and do not fertilize at this time of year unless you are using grow lights. Inspect plants for insects each time you water. Insect pests can rapidly increase in number inside the home. Use Espoma Earth-tone insect control if insects are present.
Continue to fertilize poinsettias - they are in active growth now.

Complete clean up of vegetable beds and till in organic matter. It's also a great time to create new beds. Remember to practice crop rotation to prevent disease and insect problems next year. You can still plant cool season lettuce and other greens for winter harvest if you are using a cold frame. Grape vines should be pruned in the dormant season after we have had a killing frost.

Lawn care:
Continue to rake leaves from your lawn to allow air light and water to penetrate. Avoid walking on your lawn if it is frozen.

Perennials and annuals:
Complete cleaning up your perennial gardens this month – do not compost diseased plants. Plant tulips and Dutch iris now through early December. Lilies can be divided and transplanted now.

Continue to plant pansies, cabbage and kale for winter color. Use repellants on your pansies if deer or rabbits are present.

Trees and shrubs:
Protect young trees from rutting deer. Hardware cloth or stakes placed around the trunks are very effective. Place 3 stakes in a triangle close to the trunk and pound them in securely this will not harm the tree or its root system.

Apply deer repellants to broad leaved evergreens. November is a good month to plant deciduous trees and shrubs – use Espoma Bio-tone for best results. You may prune trees and shrubs after they have lost their leaves. Defer pruning of spring blooming plants until after they flowered next year – this applies to hydrangeas as well. Feed your trees and shrubs now with an organic fertilizer.

Continue to water evergreens until freezing weather sets in. Do not water if we get good rain.