What to do Now

garden spring cleaning July Gardening Tips

Keep your indoor plants away from air-conditioning ducts or window units. The constant cold drafts are hard on plants especially Scheffleras.
Do not overwater plants kept inside.
Use a natural water holding gel such as DriWater if you will be away from home.
Continue to fertilize houseplants following label instructions.

Outdoor Tropicals:
Continue to feed outdoor tropicals with a combination of Osmocote and Superbloom fertilizers.
If you will be out of town relocate containers to a shady area and group together to conserve moisture. Drip irrigation systems work nicely as well.

Lawn Care:
Do not mow grass if the temperatures are above 90 degrees.
Apply compost tea to help with heat and moisture stress.
Continue to mow at 3 inches this will suppress weeds and keep lawns greener.
Remove stubborn weeds by hand and replace with sod. Apply Weed-Be-Gone following label directions as a selective herbicide.
Lawns require 1" of rain per week to stay green. Please water accordingly.
Have us check your pH now for fall liming and fertilizing in September.

Maintain even moisture in the vegetable garden. Ripening tomatoes do not like swings in moisture and will split. This will increase your harvest of other veggies as well.
Continue to apply organic fertilizer such as Plant-Tone for better crops and vigor.
Apply Serenade for powdery mildew control on cucumbers squash and melons.
Remove old fruiting canes from June bearing raspberries at ground level.
Cut back new canes of blackberries and raspberries to 3 feet.
Place straw or newspaper as mulch under your melons and pumpkins to reduce decay.
Protect ripening grape bunches with paper bags until harvest.
Remove flowers from annual herbs like basil for a better yield.

Annuals and Perennials:
Continue to dead head spent flowers for continued blooming.
Stop pinching Mums by mid-month.
Continue to feed bedding annuals monthly.
Continue to use Superbloom weekly for containers and hanging baskets.
Cut summer annuals, perennials and herbs for drying late in the month. Strip off the leaves and hang bunches upside down, a screened porch or garage work well for this.

Trees and Shrubs:
Remove suckers from trees especially from below the graft if present. This will keep you trees vigorous and healthy.
Control powdery mildew on trees and shrubs through out summer with Serenade.
Head back wild and irregular growth on holly trees, but do not remove the leader.
Prune now for height reduction on overgrown shrubs.
Continue to provide deep watering at 7 to 10 day intervals on new trees and shrubs.
Continue to fertilize roses monthly with Rose-Tone and water weekly.

Roger Zinn