What to do Now

garden spring cleaning September Gardening Tips

Houseplants and outdoor tropicals
When night temperatures reach 55 and below its time to bring tender plants indoors. Make sure to bring plants in clean and insect free. Examine plants for spider mites, scale and mealy bugs. Spray them twice 10 days apart with neem oil before you bring them in.
Discard plants that have lost vigor they will no do any better indoors.
Expect to see some leaf drop as these plants adjust to indoor conditions. Water less frequently and feed sparingly until the plants have acclimatized.
White or tan crust on the top of the soil indicates salt build up from fertilizer. Repot plants into fresh potting soil and remember to flush out the containers with water every few weeks.

Lawn Care
Fertilize your lawn now with an organic lawn fertilizer.
It is also time to aerate or dethatch, seed and lime. Ask our lawn care experts about the best practices and products.
Fall is the best time to apply lime although you may do it in spring and summer as well.
Milky Spore for grub control is also best applied in fall.

You may continue to plant spinach and radish seeds for fall harvests. Plant vegetable starts of cool season vegetables now.
Plant garlic now for harvest next summer.
Harvest carrots now before they get woody.
Harvest onions when the tops fall over. Allow them to cure for a few days. Store them in baskets or mesh bags.
Figs are ripe when they change color and begin to droop on the stem.

Annuals and Perennials
Plant crocus, cyclamen and colchicum bulbs now.
Daffodils can be planted at the end of the month if we have had normal temperatures. Plant tulips and Dutch iris in November.
Divide and transplant lily of the valley now, replanting them just below the surface about 3 inches apart.
Remove spent summer annuals and replace with pansies, cabbage and kale.
Pansies planted now will still be blooming next spring!

Trees and shrubs
Do not fertilize trees and shrubs now-wait until late October.
Do not prune trees and shrubs until late winter or early spring.
Water trees and shrubs once a week if we get no rain. Keeping plants hydrated this time of year greatly improves hardiness and vigor.
Now is a great time to plant a new tree or shrub with our long growing season there is still plenty of time for establishment before winter.