Erik Shorb

General Manager, Landscape Division

Erik Shorb, is the General Manager of the Landscape Division at American Plant Garden Center and Nursery. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the College of Charleston in 2001, he found his passion ultimately was within the horticulture industry. Working as a crew leader in the landscape division, Erik quickly developed an eye for detail, strong work ethic, and mastery of the Spanish language. He was promoted to the General Manager position in spring of 2008. He now applies his first-hand experience of the landscape industry to the efficient operation of the Landscape Division.


  Susana (Susy) Altmann

  Landscape Architect/Designer

Susy has worked as a Landscape Designer for American Plant Design-Build-Maintain since 2009. She embraces American Plant philosophy of beyond excellent customer service.
Susy holds a formal degree in Architecture and has over 20 years of experience with  Landscape design-build and Landscape architecture. She has worked in Venezuela, Caribbean Islands, Florida, Israel and Greater Washington area. She moved with her family to Maryland in 2003 and has been actively learning the Mid-Atlantic climatic and flora conditions since then. She completed courses at the Landscape Technology program at Montgomery College and is also a Certified Professional Horticulturist by the Maryland Nursery and Landscape Association as of 2007.
Susy has been an accredited contractor for the “Rainscapes” Rebate program in Montgomery County since 2010. She has designed and installed rain gardens, conservation landscaping, tree canopy and dry wells to create more sustainable sites.
Susy's passion is weaving the natural elements: rocks, water, trees, shrubs, smaller plants and other elements with existing built structures.
Her goal is to blend them together in order to become welcoming to human beings as well as birds and butterflies. Her technical knowledge and experience bring her passion into project completion, through technical details, budgeting and efficient process-timing.
By working with  each customer's own life style and each site's own conditions, Susy expedites the process of creating functional outdoor spaces, full of color, texture, fragrance and sounds. These new spaces invite the user to interact with them during all four seasons of the year.
Susy’s projects have been  recipients of the “Keep Montgomery County Beautiful” annual awards by Montgomery County Department of Transportation in Maryland several times. If you would like to view Susy's portfolio please click here


  Basem Saah

  Landscape Designer


Having completed a rigorous Masters of Landscape Architecture Degree from Virginia Polytechnic, and prior to that a Professional Degree in Landscape Design from George Washington University, Basem is well versed in all aspect of Classic Landscape Design and Landscape Architecture.


His philosophy entails providing the right solutions for a site.  This includes a keen observation of every aspect, such as proper grading, water management, correct drainage solutions, ecological sensitivity and conservation as well as uniquely artistic and beautiful solutions that fit harmoniously. He will meet with you, ask a million questions about your wants and needs and discuss with you all opportunities available to you.


He enjoys working in all styles of classic landscape design with a special affinity for Japanese and Modern styles, working with hardscape and natural stone.  Still there is a warm place in his heart for creating naturalized water features and ponds as well as the organic beauty of native species and English cottage style gardens.


Having Bachelors degree in Graphic Design and Fine Art from the University of Maryland, Basem works on sites as living inhabitable sculptures with the Technical skills to ensure a successful design.


With years of experience in customer service, management and design, Basem prefers to works closely with clients and homeowners and can be relied on to work seamlessly to ensure a successful and enjoyable landscape experience.


  Jim Lamont

  Landscape Designer

Jim Lamont holds a post graduate Certificate of Landscape Design from the Center for Professional Development at George Washington University.

Jim’s strong suit is his ability to identify the genius loci or presiding spirit of a site – the unique, distinctive aspects or atmosphere of a place not only in terms of its physical makeup but of how it is perceived – and marry it in a design to also reflect the personality and tastes of his clients and how they want the space to be used.

Jim’s portfolio includes hardscape designs with an emphasis on creating inviting patio settings, seat walls and retaining walls. A DC native, Jim focuses on using native plants whenever possible and, looking long term, creating water wise, sustainable garden designs that work now and will work in the future.



  Tony Lightbourne


Tony is an American Plant staff member since 1989 and since 1997 has been with the landscape division estimating work such as stonework, pond and waterfall installations, rain garden installations, grading and drainage problems, pruning, lawn renovations and maintenance contracts including season cleanup work.  Tony's years of experience, excellence in customer service and attention to detail will ensure a pleasurable working relationship as we create each new garden space.



  Customer Service