A Guide to Houseplant Care

We know that caring for a new houseplant can be both exciting and intimidating. No worries, not every houseplant requires a natural green thumb. Houseplants do not live inside by choice. We have been slowly transitioning warm climate plants to live inside.

The key for a houseplant to thrive inside your home is to replicate its natural growing zone. How can you do that? Focus on the plant's light and humidity/water preferences.

Location/ Lighting

It is important to research the type of houseplant you have and the amount of light it needs. Look for the direction and the number of hours the plant is receiving sunlight. Afternoon sun tends to be stronger than morning sun.


The majority of houseplants should be checked for water about once a week. There are several factors that affect the water a plant needs including the plant’s root system, the size of the pot the plant is in, and the location of the plant in relation to lighting and air circulation.

  • Find out if the houseplant likes dry, medium, or wet soil.

  • The easiest way of knowing if your plant needs water is by checking the soil. Put your finger into the soil about one to two inches to see if it is moist. It is okay for plants to get a little dry between waterings, but you should never let them wilt (that’s when they look sad and the leaves bend down).

  • Water your plant thoroughly with a watering can, letting the water drain out of the bottom. If water has collected on the bottom, empty the excess quickly. This is especially important if you have a plant that likes dry soil. It may need less frequent watering. Most houseplants do not like to sit in water.


In the Spring and Summer months, plants are actively growing. Because of the longer day lengths, it is best to fertilize houseplants from March through October. Fertilizing in late Fall and Winter may cause a plant to become over-fertilized. Follow the package directions to make sure the plant is receiving the proper amount of fertilizer. Be aware the amount of fertilizer needed varies based on the size and type of houseplant. Some of our favorites include Jack's Classic Orchid Fertilizer, Jack's Classic All Purpose Plant Food, and Schultz Liquid Plant Food-All Purpose.

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