18" -1950 Lumens, 18Watts, 36 LEDs. The SunBlaster LED Strip Light has been designed for maximum overall performance, economy and longevity, while providing the best possible lighting for all Indoor Horticultural applications SunBlaster LED Strip Lights deliver full spectrum 6400K light from each LED at over 99% efficiency, and are sized to swap easily with existing T5HO fixtures and cords. The SunBlaster LED Strip Lights feature patent-pending Self-Cooling Technology which allows SunBlaster LED Lighting to deliver lighting output at the levels plants desire without creating unwanted heat, or wasting valuable resources running cooling fans or other external cooling devices.

Sunblaster LED Strip 18"

SKU: 3005118
    • 1950 Lumens
    • 18Watts
    • 36 LEDs
    • 6400k-Color Temp