A few of the varieties we are selling that are the most resistant to boxwood blight and leaf miner.  In addition to being wonderful plants for your garden as both structural plants and as accent plantings, they are perfectly suited for planting in containers.


These plants are perfectly suited for providing a wall of greenery to cover fences or walls or to block unsightly views.  Choose carefully because the mature plant heights range from 12’ tall to 60’ tall.  The staff at both of our locations are trained to know the mature heights of all screening plants.


A small example of the large selection of hydrangeas we carry.  They fall into categories of Panicle, Oakleaf, Smooth, Bigleaf, lacecap, and climbing.  There is a hydrangea for any garden condition.


We try to carry a variety of roses to accommodate all gardeners and garden conditions as long as it involves lots of
direct sunshine!  We also focus our attention to those roses which are most resistant to black spot fungi, and pesky chewing insects.  But the best way to avoid problems with roses is to keep a happy and healthy plant well nourished
with water and sunshine.


Sometimes a low to medium high row of evergreen plants is required to obscure the foundation of your house or provide a green barrier, the following are a few good suggestions that can be used to accomplish this.  All are hardy evergreens which can withstand harsh conditions!


Each of the plants listed below is native to our area of the country, and are almost always available at either or our nurseries.  The ilex plants are evergreen, and all the plants attract insects and birds galore!


Full sun is considered direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day.  This can be a difficult condition for many plants but the following is a brief list of the best plants for this condition.  All the plants listed will thrive under full sunlight.


Dense shade creates a special condition which can greatly affect the growth of plants.  These plants will do well under shade trees or on the shady side of buildings while adding some color, texture, and scents to enhance the area.

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